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Austin Falk Wikipedia

A storyteller from a young age, an actor with experience across film and television, and an advocate for truth, Austin Falk is learning. He most recently recurred in the Paramount+ production of School Spirits. Previously, Falk’s work includes roles in Warner Bros.’ 2 Broke Girls, Disney’s Grandfathered, A+E’s Killer in Suburbia, and MTV’s Awkward.

Falk is an actor and proud member of SAG-AFTRA and UBCP/ACTRA, with training in drama, comedy, and improvisation. Falk splits his time between the United States and Canada as a dual citizen of both nations.

Since 2013, Falk has made the entertainment industry his home. He strives to leave a positive mark on this world through the power of storytelling, relentless effort, and camaraderie with fellow working artists. Directors Falk has worked with throughout his career include Wally Pfister, Fred Savage, and Max Winkler. Additionally, Falk has worked with brands such as Blue Cross Blue Shield and American Family Insurance.

Falk graduated University Magna Cum Laude at the age of 20 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing Management. Constantly learning, Falk is creating and developing stories for audiences all over the world.

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